One Tweak To Massively Improve Your Nvidia GPU’s Display

Last updated on April 19th, 2019 at 12:52 am

Here is a very convenient yet simple trick that will massively improve your Nvidia GPU’s display. Only a few clicks and your display will be at its peak level of that eye candy, you graphics lover die for, in games! By Changing your Nvidia Card’s Output Dynamic Range to Full instead of Limited, you can make the best of your Nvidia GPU. By default, or after every driver update, your color range is set to “limited”. By changing it to “full” you get more accurate colors.

First off, open Nvidia Control Panel.

Improve Your Nvidia GPU's Display

Select the Change Resolution Option on the left tab.

Improve Your Nvidia GPU's Display

Scroll Down in the change resolution page and Set the OutPut Dynamic Range to Full.

Improve Your Nvidia GPU's Display

The limited option is actually meant for televisions.On a monitor, the limited option tends to look washed out and hazy.What limited does it compress the first 16 darkest shades of all the primary colors so black becomes a dark grey instead and does the same with the top 20 shades of the top primary colors.

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Improve Your Nvidia Gpu's Display

As you can see for yourself, the top picture has the output dynamic range set to full while the lower hazy one has it set to limited. Obviously, the top one looks more beautiful. It really brings out the colors in the scene.

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