Atari Box : Atari Making It’s Long Awaited Comeback


Last Year in June, our dear old beloved gaming company Atari made an announcement that they were coming back to the market with a new console. Atari said that it was going to jump back into with a retro style entertainment system and called it the Atari Box.

It has been almost a whole year and Atar has finally shown us their results.They have taken an Atari 2600-inspired approach to the Atari Box and renamed it Atari VCS for now.

However, not much else is known about the Atari box since the company has stayed very quiet about its specifications. Atari claimed that the new console will be available for 300$, it will be able to play both classic old school Atari games along with the modern games. The pre orders for the console will begin somewhere in April 2018.

At the Game Developers Conference in 2018, according to sources, after some in person analyzation, we can make a few speculations that tell the tale of our upcoming console. Notice in all of the pics of the Atari Box, the VCS will have the feature of Ethernet connectivity, HDMI video output and will support up to four USB connections. The Atari controller also seems more or less like the Xbox one controller, it is cordless, so we can speculate that the console will offer some wireless motion features too.

























But apart from that, we have no idea. We have still not heard of any confirmed games coming to the system, neither have we heard of any announcements about partnerships with developer studios for that matter. Atari had initially announced a spring 2018 release date, but according to sources they ran into development problems back in December and its launch date was suspended, we have yet to hear of a confirmed release date. When will it be released? What will be its capabilities?It Seems only time will tell!

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