Play Call Of Duty Black Ops Anime Version RIGHT NOW !

YES, Anime Version!

This sounds awesome and you are not being deceived, modders, God bless them, have developed a version of call of duty black ops where all the enemy soldiers have been replaced with anime girls. They shoot at you and they are your enemies so don’t fall for their charms and innocence because they are definitely here to kill you! It is called the call of duty black ops 3 Neptune mod or call of duty Neptune ops as fans have started to call it.

In a comedic twist, it is only a visual swap. So all the characters (who come from the PC version of 2017’s Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online) from black ops 3 still speak in a very deep, manly voice .

Check out the video down below !

Call of Duty Black Ops III Neptune mod can be credited to 6 people: Compile Heart, Idea Factory, Tamsoft, Kuroyasviel, RandomTBush and Loyalists.

You can get the mod here.

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