How To Easily Monitor Your CPU Temperature

It isn’t always necessary to enter BIOS to check the CPU temperature or any other component. It can be done via Software too. We have made a list of some of our favourite Windows App to monitor temperature. They are easy to use and definitely easy to get. We have also provided the link to download them.

Intel XTU

how to check your cpu temperature intelxtu

Those with an Intel Core processor can use Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU). It is used mainly as an overclocking tool, Intel XTU comes with a number of built-in monitoring functions.

Step 1: To find out Your CPU’s temperature, download the program from Intel’s download center and install it .

Step 2: Once you open it, in the lower panel of the main screen, you will see information about your CPU. Notice the “package temperature,” and associated graph. They display your CPU temperature.

Step 3: You can also see how much the CPU is being by viewing the “CPU Utilization” percentage. The higher that is, the more your CPU is having to do. Also to check how the CPU does under stress, you can use the XTU’s built-in CPU benchmark.

AMD Ryzen Master

how to check your cpu temperature amdryzenmaster

Step 1: If you’re using AMD’s new Ryzen processors you can use the AMD’s own Ryzen Master tool. It works only for Ryzen chips. Click on its download center and install the program.

Step 2: It has a CPU temperature monitor you can view on the left-hand side. There’s also a graph that can plot your CPU’s temperature over time. You can even monitor individual cores, to check if individual cores are hotter than others.

Step 3: The Ryzen Master tool also gives you average and peak readings, so you can see how hot your CPU gets over a long period of time.


how to check your cpu temperature hwmonitor

 HWMonitor can tell you everything about the various components in your system, from the voltages they require to the temperatures they run at. It’s clean, lightweight and easy to check temperatures at a quick glance.


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Last but not least, Speccy is another easy to use software that will show temperatures of all components in a quick glance. To see the temperatures, along with other details, of each component, click on each part in the tab on the left-hand side. To see temperatures of all components in a single glance, just click on the summary tab.  Click on the heading to be guided to the download link.

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