Webhostpython Review: Best Python VPS Hosting

Disclaimer: This post was originally published on December 23, 2018. We have updated the post after reviewing it and added coupons for first time buyers on April 19, 2020.

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Webhostpython Review – Features, and Benefits


Webhostpython is web hosting company established in Florida, USA. They have their servers located throughout Dallas and Texas. The company owns all their servers, infrastructure, and in-house support team which helps to provide unmatched service to the clients. Webhostpython is acknowledged and backed by the industry and is the certified partner for industry leaders like Microsoft, LiteSpeed Technologies, Softaculous NOC etc.

The company is a customer-driven company and has a plan for everyone. They value themselves in providing the best in the industry customer experience. It also provides a 30-day money back guarantee to the clients which further reflects their belief in the services offered and emphasizes the customer-centric approach. It provides the best security for the client’s websites and monitoring of their servers intensely.

Services Offered

The key services offered by Webhostpython are discussed below:

SSD Shared Website Hosting

The company provides SSD shared website hosting services. It uses the latest NVMe SSDs which are much faster than other enterprise levels SSDs and the superfast Intel E5 servers. This results in ultrafast website loading times. They provide free remote data backups which provide the customers complete peace of mind. Webhostpython also provides Cloudfare and Railgun as a part of their web hosting services resulting in up to 200% increase in performance. The customers can also choose Venom Powered plans which increase the website loading times by 30 times.

Python/Django Hosting

Django is a programming framework on the Python driven platform. Webhostpython has its robust Python-based web hosting environment aimed at developers who want to host their Python/Django based or other similar applications. The users can control different versions of Python and Django with the same account. Webhostpython accounts also enable the customers to install more than 100 scripts including WordPress, Joomla, Owncloud etc. They host the plans on the powerful dual octa-core E5 servers along with Pure SSD drives on a RAID 10 array. This not only provides reliability and security but extremely fast speeds too.  All the plans come bundled with free SSL certificates for all hosted domains.

Managed Python VPS Hosting

Webhostpython provides blazing fast and highly secure managed VPS web hosting services. The use of state-of-the-art dual octa-core E5 servers and SSDs built on RAID 10 storage systems provides the company a cutting edge over competitors. The users can also pick a Venom Powered plan which ensures that the websites will load 3000% faster compared to the conventional web hosting services. It provides the enterprise level DDOS protection in all their managed VPS web hosting plans. This helps to reduce the downtime due to potential cyber threats and prevents any loss of business. Webhostpython provides free migration services meaning all the existing accounts will be transferred to the servers for free. This is inclusive of their websites and their customer’s website too.  The users are also provided an easy seamless upgrade experience.

Unmanaged Python VPS Hosting

Unmanaged VPS web hosting provides complete control to the users with powerful and useful tools like rebooting, reloading the VPS, and entering into emergency mode for advanced customers. The company provides unlimited OS reloads which allows the customers to focus on their core business and providing an ideal VPS platform for expanding their business. Their services also include the unmatched enterprise level DDOS security and Pure SSD storage for ensuring extremely fast website loading times. Webhostpython provides a 30-day money back guarantee to any customer not satisfied with their services. The easy upgrade process and global content delivery make their plans one of the best in the market.

Windows Hosting

The Windows hosting service of Webhostpython provides the users the option to use a remote desktop connection to connect to their Windows desktop on the cloud. The service is similar to using the home-based Windows computer, however, with the added advantage of connecting to the computer from any location globally. This gives the users the flexibility of accessing their data 24/7 by using any portable device.  The Windows hosting service is ideal for businesses who can keep their client’s data on a secure cloud for accessing remotely anytime and also for casual users who can access data from the cloud using the convenient windows platform.

Pure SSD Reseller Hosting

Webhostpython offers the Venom Powered SSD Reseller Hosting plans which make use of the latest NVMe SSD. These latest SSDs are much efficient and faster than the already fast conventional SSDs. This coupled with the highly powerful Intel E5 servers, provide very fast website loading speeds and improved user experience. Both WordPress and non-WordPress websites load in lightning quick times. The Pure SSD Reseller Hosting plan comes with host of other benefits like enterprise level DDOS security, free account migration facility, hassle-free upgrades, 30-day money back guarantee, and global content delivery. The users will experience service like never before.

Dedicated Servers

Webhostpython owns all its servers and infrastructure which will never be outsourced. All their dedicated servers are supported by multiple bandwidth carriers like Zayo and Internap. They provide direct connection throughout the US, Asia, and Europe. If the customer has ordered for a server for web hosting services, then webhostpython migrates all their contacts to their servers free of charge. It also allows clients the flexibility of using their servers in a responsible manner for sending emails for promotional purposes.

Webhostpython Key Features and Benefits

The following are the key features of the service of webhostpython:

Venom Servers

They provide Venom Powered servers which offer exceptionally fast website loading times resulting in an increase in performance by 30 times. This is achieved by using the latest and the fastest NVMe SSDs. These state-of-the-art SSDs provide data transfer speeds of up to 3000 MBPS which is much faster than any enterprise level SSD. Venom Powered servers also provide other facilities like LiteSpeed Enterprise web server, DDOS security, and the ultra-fast Intel E5 servers which combine together to provide unbelievably fast web hosting environment.

24/7 Support

They have a 24/7 in-house support team and are focused and committed to delivering the best customer experience for their valued clients. The clients can contact the support team and they will be provided prompt response and support ensuring the resolution of their issue.

DDOS Protection

All the Webhostpython plans come with the enterprise level DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. The DDOS attacks are targeted towards taking down the website or even the network which badly affects business. The plans protect clients from DDOS attacks and provide them with peace of mind. This helps to protect and build their brand and expand their businesses.

Free Migration

When the customer purchases the server for web hosting purpose, it provides a free service wherein all their accounts are migrated to Webhostpython servers. This includes their websites and their customer’s websites.

Upgrade Options

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