Resident Evil 2: 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game

Last updated on May 6th, 2020 at 10:08 am

Resident Evil 2 is here and with it comes a game that can be satisfying but challenging especially if you’re new to the series. So, here are 10 things you should know before starting a new game in Resident Evil 2.

Now, keep in mind. this article is spoiler free as possible but I still recommend going in completely blind. It’s just way more enjoyable when you’re surprised. But if you’re too scared for that, we’ve got you covered here. Let’s get started off with number 10.

10) Know Your Herbs

A lot of this stuff is gonna be about preservation and resource management. And a big thing I gotta say is knowing your herbs! You should be somewhat familiar with how this works if you played at least Resident Evil 7 but I really want to stress that consuming a single green herb by itself to heal yourself isn’t really worth it unless you’re desperate.

resident evil 2 green herb

Heal when you’re at a dangerous level and use a more effective herb combination always. As far as I’m concerned, you should always combine an herb in some way before consuming it. Whether it’s doubling up with two green herbs or bolstering your green herb with a red herb to have a lot of health. Or later on getting crazy and mixing a red and blue to protect you from poisonous enemies. Take the herb stuff seriously, if you want to live.

9) Zombies Aren’t Always Dead

It’s a beginner tip really and it might sound dumb but zombies aren’t always dead. They may go down but newcomers might be surprised to see that they get back up again. You don’t want to get caught by surprise.

resident evil 2 zombie

Unless you’ve seriously freaking maim them with a headshot or an explosion or just a lot of bullets, they’re gonna get back up so be prepared for that. Poke them with a knife if you have one to see if they’re still alive. Avoid stepping directly on them and also just keep moving anyway, that’s your best bet.

8) Mr. X Is Not Worth The Ammo

Mr. X pursues you throughout the game. It was shown in the trailers and is common knowledge by now. We’ve called him Mr. X since we were kids but he is not technically called that. I know but I digress my point here is, he will come up to get in the way of whatever you got going fairly often in the game. You just need to know that he is not worth the ammo you’d potentially waste on him.

resident evil 2 mr x

If you use enough ammo to down him, he really only goes down and stops moving for like 10 to 15 seconds. Very sparingly, you might have no choice but to take him down for a minute but usually, you can just lead him away from wherever you are and come back in a bit and be ok. Basically, just treat him like a big dumb zombie. Don’t be scared, he’s not as smart as you think but he can catch you by surprise so be careful.

7) A Lot Of Puzzles

Number 7 is one of the core pillars of the game. There are a lot of puzzles in Resident Evil 2. Some are environmental, some have hidden stuff, some require you to just really use your brain. But, either way, you might eventually find yourself stuck wandering around the police station, not sure exactly how to progress forward, where to go, what to unlock or what to do. Maybe you’re feeling kind of aimless.

resident evil 2 puzzle

Well, here’s what I always say: use the examine option on every weird item in your inventory. Even, some of the less suspect ones look stuff that looks like it has one purpose. Use the examine option, it lets you spin the item around and check and look for hidden secrets that might actually help you progress more than once.

I didn’t realize something and I totally wanted to kick myself in the ass so I’m telling you now, check everything!

6) Don’t Pick Everything

You don’t have to pick everything up all at once. Relax, there’s a good chance you’re gonna be back around to an area more than once and grabbing an item you’re not going to use it until later on. It might just fill up your inventory unnecessarily when eventually you find a crucial box of bullets or something that you really need, space is limited.

resident evil 2 map

Just get used to going on supply runs, you know, running back to a safe room and a deposit box to drop stuff off and head back out for more stuff. It’s normal! Also, don’t get worried about forgetting where stuff is either. A lot of items on normal mode are marked on your map once you see them. So, you can always look back on your map and see where you want to head and what exactly you want to grab.

The map is totally your friend, plan the route!

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5) Bait And Dodge Zombies

Speaking of planning your route, once you get used to your environment, learn to bait and dodge zombies. Get comfortable, know where they are. The game will always surprise you here and there but for the most part, know your safe zones and stuff, know how to weave in and out of the zombies. Don’t waste any bullets on them either.

resident evil 2 zombies

They’ll always be unpredictable but you can lure them into more open areas where you can then run around them and then completely avoid them. If there’s an area where you feel that you need to get rid of them. totally do it if that’s what you want. But you’re gonna want some of those bullets for harder stuff later on.

If a zombie is in your way, I say give them one or two pops to the head with a gun, like, stun them for a sec and then keep running past them.

4) Who Do You Want To Be?

Another quick tip for the newcomers about who do you choose to start the game as, Leon or Claire. Well, you’re gonna complete their campaign and then you’re gonna think that you’re done. Well, you’re not, there’s way more to see. While there are some parallels, there are also plenty of interesting differences between the two playthroughs.

resident evil 2

Once you are done with one, you can play through the other character in the unlocked second run mode. And from there, you can just keep going and keep replaying as long as you want with different difficulties and stuff like that. It’s a Resident Evil game so you need to play through it a few times to really see everything and really that’s half the fun of it all.

3) Use The Boards

The boards are your friend. It seems like you get a lot of them but it also seems like they might be useless. Well, they’re not! There are still more open windows than there are boards but using them strategically is key. My recommendation is that you use as many as you can for more higher traffic areas that you find yourself running back and forth through a lot. Like, one of the main halls, maybe near saferoom.

resident evil 2 boards

You’re gonna be running back and forth a lot as I said earlier for supply runs and stuff. So, you might as well make your life easier and cover the windows.

2) Saving The Game

On normal difficulty, you can save as often as you want as long as you can find a typewriter. On harder difficulty,  it works the old-fashioned way where you have to have increments to save. So, if you’re playing a normal mode, you can create multiple save file for a few reasons. One, you might go on a supply run and then something goes wrong and you totally screw yourself and end up wasting valuable resources that you can’t get back. In that case, your saves come in handy to get your stuff back if you’re that type of player. Maybe you want to challenge yourself, I don’t know.

resident evil 2 save game

It also helps if you miss something way back where you can’t return or if you just want to replay a cool sequence. It’s good to practice those boss battles because you’re gonna be playing through them again later on.

1) Boss Battles And Difficulty

If you’re stuck on a boss with practically nothing at all. Keep trying, it’s likely bound to happen but I got a bag that you stick with it, keep hitting restart, don’t bump it down to assist mode when the game prompts you to. Just try and make it through with that save. One flashbang and five bullets you have left.

resident evil 2 boss battle

It might seem impossible but the game does seem to adapt its difficulty depending on your resources and although it will still be extremely challenging, you can still technically win and it’s satisfying as hell just like it has been in any other Resident Evil game.

These are really basic tips for beginners. Resident Evil is pretty cut-and-dry but hopefully, if you needed tips, this can help you and maybe alleviate some of your fears going into Resident Evil 2. If you got any other tips for new players, maybe you’re an old school fan or hardcore player, let us know in the comments.

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