Why your next light bulb should be a smart bulb

Last updated on April 19th, 2019 at 03:04 pm

If you are wondering that smart bulbs are just the same as your ordinary bulb with the addition of an app, you are wrong. They don’t do that boring stuff. They are more than that. There are a lot of reasons that they are known as smart bulbs.

They have the ability to wirelessly connect with your smartphone through an app and that opens up a lot of opportunities. Here are some of the reasons why your next light bulb should be a smart bulb.


You need a dimmer switch to be able to dim your ordinary bulbs but with the smart bulb, you have the ability to dim their light just by using an app on your phone. You just need to install a smart bulb in your lamps or whatever.

Control from everywhere

A lot of smart bulbs such as Teckin 19 and GE Link Bulbs gives you the ability to control them from anywhere using the scheduling features. It can also prove to be a great security option like when you are out on vacations, these bulbs will automatically turn on and off on scheduled times.

If you return home late at night, the lights will be on, waiting for you to come in without worrying about the electricity bills as they will automatically turn off at the time of your choice. There are such systems which allow you to sync all the lights in your home and you can control them all just using the one app.

Multiple Colors

You may have been using dimmer with your ordinary bulbs to set the mood with dimmed lights but smart bulbs can take this a little further. You can change the light color of your bulb as well. Some smart bulbs such as the Texsens LED gives you the ability to choose from 16 million colors.

You can choose a color from the color wheel in your app or you can even pair the bulb with your Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa to change the light whenever you ask.


Yes, you read that right. Some smart bulbs such as the Playbulb Color comes with a built-in speaker and you can play music according to your mood. And of course, you can change the light color to match with the mood of the music.

The only problem you will face is that the sound is not that loud with the Playbulb Color. In terms of sound, you may wanna go with Sengled Pulse but it doesn’t have the ability to change colors. It does offer good quality audio and is dimmable.

Sleep better

Some bulbs such as the Lighting Science can help you sleep better by emitting several colors temperatures which affect the melatonin levels in your body by suppressing them in the day and increasing them during bedtime to help you sleep better at night.

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