Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Update Coming

What can we expect from the Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary update? Well, the upcoming Call of Duty mobile anniversary marks the end of an important milestone for the franchise.

Besides, leaping from console to handheld device is a bold and ambitious step. Not least so, for a series so hardwired to console and PC compatibility.

Despite this, Call of Duty’s loyal legion of fans continues to support the ever-popular series across platforms. Perhaps that should induce no surprise, considering COD’s substantial player base. But still, it’s impressive, nonetheless.

Call of Duty mobile scooped up the gong for best mobile title at the 2019 Game Awards. That’s in addition to attaining Google Play’s best mobile game of the year. So, it’s not short on stature, by any stretch.

But sorry, I digress. Let’s pivot back to the subject at hand. Overall, it’s been a good year for Call of Duty mobile. Thus, rounding-off a decent first term on the market. Besides, appealing to new audiences can be challenging, at the best of times. Especially in the face of such stiff competition.

After all, it’s a genre flooded with carbon copies—each one vowing to be the next big thing.

Following its October 1st launch, millions of players have tagged along to play TiMi Studios; a subsidiary of Tencent Games, latest outing. Perhaps, that participation exists through the 100-player battle royale? Or rather, via Call of Duty Mobile’s intense 5v5 multiplayer matches?

Either way, right now, it seems as though the game has earned the backing of its player base. By way of celebrating the Call of Duty Mobile anniversary, TiMi Studios has something special lined up to commemorate the occasion in question.

Time to rub those greasy palms, folks. Let’s lock and load.

Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Update

On October 2nd, 2020, Call of Duty Mobile took to Twitter, announcing the Call of Duty mobile anniversary update.

Today marks our 1 Year Anniversary since we launched #CODMobile!⁣ ⁣ 

 We have so many new and exciting things planned for you all! Get ready to celebrate mid-October!⁣ Stay tuned and be HYPE!”

Setting “HYPE” aside for a second, what can we deduct from the above statement? Well, that a Call of Duty mobile anniversary update looks scheduled to roll out sometime around mid-October.

On top of that, a recent YouTube video, posted, October 5th, indicates that Season 11 is “coming soon.” But thanks to a series of Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary update leaks, we supposedly have that info.

Here Is What’s Coming to Season 11?

Unlike other COD titles, many of which tend to market themselves suitably before going live, Call of Duty mobile has mainly been secretive about its plans for Season 11.

So much so, that the devs felt it wise to keep test servers off-limits for Season 11 content. Given the fact that the Call of Duty update will celebrate not only the anniversary but also Halloween, players can expect big plans in store. Or so it would seem.

Yesterday, when responding to Twitter user Joshua Brown, who raised a question about free-to-play incentives for season 11, Call of Duty Mobile shed the following details on the upcoming update.

Always and forever! There should be plenty of free gear, characters, and weapons up for grabs in various ways throughout the season.”

Recently, a trailer-analysis video released by, AnonymousYT, offers insight into some of the potential inclusions. First off, there is a new free character, known as Alder, up for grabs. Along with a series of shiny-new chopper skins.

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The video also outlines a potential start date for the Call of Duty mobile anniversary update. If all goes well, we could get boots on the ground by October 4th, 5 PM PT, which appears to relate to an Activision marketing email.

According to Youtuber Gamer’s Spot, the Season 11 roadmap includes an all-new multiplayer mode entitled, Crank. With that, comes an additional map named King. Not to mention, new soldiers, weapons, perks and scorestreaks. So, at face value, plenty to make the mouth water.

Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Update Roadmap

I, for one, can’t wait!

Suspected Multiplayer Maps & Modes

So, we already know a great deal about the Call of Duty mobile anniversary update. Of course, exactly which multiplayer maps and modes get included in the Call of Duty mobile anniversary update perhaps hinders most on Activision’s community voting poll. Set up via Reddit, fans of Call of Duty Mobile can weigh in on their most wanted MP maps and modes.

It’s worth noting that these are just polls. And so, might not reflect actual in-game inclusions. That said, I wouldn’t be in any way surprised to see the winning selections feature at some point in Season 11. Activision is, however, keeping a tight lid on things. At least for now. Albeit that could change in the next week.

Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Update Ghost

During a Call of Duty Mobile community update statement, Activision had some exciting news to share concerning one of its central characters.

Ghost was part of our very first season of Call of Duty: Mobile and something that players have been asking for again ever since. Well, with anniversary coming up make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the return of that iconic character.

A blast from COD’s past, but a good one! I, for one, am super hyped for the Call of Duty mobile anniversary update.

Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Update Verdict

With not long before release, all eyes will be on Activision, as it looks to celebrate the Call of Duty mobile anniversary update in style. Mainly, I’m pleased to see the community involved in the process. While giving them a say is an excellent way of establishing fan trust. On that note, I can’t wait to see what Activision has up its sleeve.

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With Halloween and an anniversary falling under the Season 11 umbrella, it’s safe to say we can expect big things from Activision’s FPS sensation. In only a year, Call of Duty mobile has taken the market by storm. A true testament to its staying power.

What do you make of the Call of Duty mobile anniversary update? What’s more, how should Activision celebrate the occasion? As always, we love to read your suggestions.

So, feel free to send us your opinions down in the comments.

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